The photo studio where YOU take the pictures!

Q & A


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How do I book an appointment?

It’s simple.

Call us, send us an email or Facebook message, or drop by the studio at 395 Park Street, Regina. We’ll ask you a few questions about what you have in mind and who you will be photographing in the studio, and we’ll give you some suggestions about the props we have you may like, what others have done in the studio, how much time you might need, and some things you might want to bring to make the most of your session.
Drop-ins are welcome, but we suggest booking a time so we can have everything ready for you when you arrive and you will be certain the studio you want is ready for you.

What is special about U-Snap Studios?

At U-Snap Studios, anyone who enjoys taking pictures can rent photography studio studio space – photographers and photography enthusiasts of all skill levels are welcome.

YOU pick the studio, YOU pick the props, and YOU take the pictures with your own camera or camera phone. It’s easy, it’s fun, and every picture you take is yours to keep, copy, share and print in any way you choose.

And we make it affordable to take your own photos. Studio rental starts at just $25 (props included).


Who can rent the studios?

Anyone and everyone can rent a studio.

Whether you are taking pictures with friends and family, hosting a staff party or intimate get-together, planning a cake smash or anything else you can think of, you are welcome at the studio.

Amateur photographers or professional photographers are welcome to use the studio for their clients and mini-sessions, too. We can help you out by having our friendly reception staff welcome your clients to the studio and guide them into your studio room – or invite them to have a seat in the lobby while you finish with a client.


Is it okay if I bring my own professional photographer to take my pictures?

Bring whomever you wish and bring as many people to take pictures as you wish. When you rent a studio at U-Snap Studios you can take every picture yourself or bring anyone you choose to take pictures for you.


Can I bring my pet?

Of course! Pets are a part of the family, and your pet is welcome at U-Snap Studios.


How many studios will U-Snap Studios have?

Our Regina studio has a total of six studios.

  • Four studios will be available to anyone who would like to rent them.
  • One studio is tricked-out for our professional photographer clients.
  • One studio is particularly large to accommodate large groups. This multipurpose studio can accommodate a social function in one area of the room and large or small photo areas in the other area(s) of the room


Can I bring a friend and split the cost of the studio rental?

Absolutely. You can share your studio time and cost with whomever you wish.


Are all the studios different?

Each studio space is unique.

We have five studios with different flooring and background options – and we have a variety of portable backdrops and flooring options which can be used in any space.

The pro studio for our professional photographers has been designed with our professional photographers in mind. The studio has high- and low-key options and is equipped with photography equipment and accessories that will only be of interest to professional photographers. 


Do you have props and other things I can use for my pictures?

We sure do.

We are always gathering new props, different seating choices, and other options for our clients. If you have something special in mind that you think we should have, let us know.


Can I bring my own props to the studio?

You are welcome to use whatever we have but we encourage you to bring items that are special to you – like baby’s special stuffed toy or the quilt your grandmother made – with you to the studio to incorporate into your pictures.


What makes taking a picture in U-Snap Studios any different than taking a picture in my living room?

Our continuous source lighting and our flash kit. We have spared no expense ensuring that you will have top notch continuous lighting in our studios, and having your light source set properly makes an incredible difference in the quality of the pictures you are able to take.

We also have background and prop options you are unlikely to have at home, like a barnboard wall, a chalkboard wall, a flower wall, and far more seating options than any household should ever have. 


What is the charge for renting a studio?

Detailed information is available here.

Studio rental is $25 for each 15 minutes in the studio (plus applicable taxes). There is no additional charge for using our props.

The pro studio for our professional photographers is also available for $25 for each 15 minutes (plus applicable taxes). Use of the adjoining private office is included in rental of the pro studio.


I don’t really understand how this works. Can I come have a look?

Absolutely. Drop by and see us at 395 Park Street in Regina. We’d be pleased to give you a tour and show you what we have to offer.


Questions? Concerns? Ideas?

Contact us by calling 306.352.SNAP (306.352.7627) or by email at