The photo studio where YOU take the pictures!

Check out Divine Photography Regina’s headshots of client ~ Realtor Kelsey Smith


YOU pick the studio, YOU pick the background, YOU take the pictures. It’s easy, it’s fun, and EVERY picture you take is yours to keep, copy, share or print.

Do you need to update your profile picture or update your staff’s headshots? Drop by the studio at 395 Park Street, Regina to check out our headshot background options.

Photographers are always welcome in the studio and we were pleased to have photographer Kristin Walker from Divine Photography Regina ( and her client ~ realtor Kelsey Smith ( ~ with us recently. Kristin did such a great job getting these fantastic headshots of Kelsey that she makes us want to get our own headshots taken … and then buy a house.

Thank you to Kristin and Kelsey for allowing us to share their pictures.

U-Snap Studios ~ your camera, our studios |

15 minutes ~ $25 (plus taxes)
30 minutes ~ $50 (plus taxes)