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Photos are forever. Sometimes photos are bittersweet, as was the case with precious family pet, Mia


Cheryl and her family recently came by to see us, and we met their beautiful dog, Mia. We knew we had met a happy family in the studio, but we didn’t know that it was Mia’s last day with her people.

When Cheryl shared her pictures with us, she sent us a note of thanks.

“… thank you again for letting us use the studio last Saturday, because we knew that’s Mia’s last day, and she has been with us for the past 11 years, full of memories. And we tried our best to do everything to make her happy before we send her away. We took her to a bath, gave her the favourite bacon strips, we even cremated her favourite teddy with her. So a big big thank you again.”

This family session was booked only hours before they joined us in the studio. We are so happy that we were able to provide a setting for Cheryl’s family to enjoy their last day with Mia and take capture some beautiful memories in pictures.

Pets are welcome in our studios. Don’t hesitate to contact us about taking some pictures of your pet or with your pet. If you want a little extra help, we’d be happy to put you in touch with pet photographers who use the studio.

YOU pick the studio, YOU pick the props, and YOU take the pictures. It’s easy, its fun, and EVERY picture you take is yours to keep, copy, share and print.

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