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Baby Kalliope is so sweet by our little pond


Taylor Swenson has taken lots of baby photos in our studio but none were quite as special as this photo she took of her daughter, Kalliope Isabelle. She sure was a cooperative little model — she must know what mom does for a living! 

With the help of Baby Whisperer Pam, Taylor’s friends and family, and U-Snap staff, Taylor was able to snap hundreds of great photos. She spent about 3 hours in studio — the perfect session for a brand new baby who has a photographer for a mom. We had plenty of time to coo over her adorable outfits and poses, and arrange our props and props she brought along. 

Don’t fret if you missed out on using this backdrop — it will be available again in July this year.

Want to see more of Taylor’s newborn photography? She is on a brief hiatus until early June this year, but be sure to check out her gallery here or find her on Facebook at

We always recommend booking at least one hour of studio time for a newborn; within 10 days of baby’s birthdate is best. 

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