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Congratulations to the happy couple ~ Bronya and Dwight

Last month we were excited to have Dwight return to our studios with his new bride, Bronya. Dwight had been with us last October for a Special O Christmas shoot with photographer, Samantha.

Samantha was also back in the studio in June to photograph the happy couple, and she brought tears to our eyes when she told us how Dwight and Bronya’s friends had chipped in together to purchase a U-Snap gift certificate at a fundraiser, and they used it as the perfect gift for Dwight and Bronya.

“The assortment of red and white props was extensive,” Samantha said to us when she shared her pictures. “They loved every one of them, as you can see from the photos.”

Congratulations Bronya and Dwight! We wish you all the very best and we are so happy that you have such beautiful pictures to remember your special day. Thank you for sharing your pictures with us and our social media followers.

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