The photo studio where YOU take the pictures!

Hey, Moms! We’re challenging you to #GetInThePhoto.



When you look at pictures of your own mom, you don’t think about her messy hair, her lack of make-up, wrinkles, or a few extra pounds. You see kind eyes, the warm smile, and a woman who gave everything she had to put her family and children first before anything else.

Are you documented in pictures? When your children look back through their family pictures will they see your smiling face?

It’s time to get in the photo! U-Snap Studios makes family pictures easy, fun, and affordable. Thirty minutes in the studio with as many family members as you can pack in is only $50 (plus taxes). Drop by the studio at 395 Park Street, Regina to take a tour of our studios and learn more.

YOU pick the studio, YOU pick the props, YOU take the pictures.

U-Snap Studios ~ your camera, our studios
395 Park Street, Regina | 306.352.7627