The photo studio where YOU take the pictures!

How much can you accomplish in our studios in 15 minutes? A lot!

Studio 1, chalkboard wall, a little cowboy, 15 minutes in the studio, and some western props.

How much can you accomplish in 15 minutes in the studio? Lots! Whether it’s kindergarten cap-and-gown photos, year-end school photos, or a themed mini-shoot, with a little focus and preparation you can accomplish a lot at U-Snap Studios.

YOU pick the studio, YOU pick the props, and YOU take the pictures. It’s easy, it’s fun, and EVERY picture you take is yours to keep, copy, share and print.

15 minutes in the studio is only $25 (plus taxes).

Drop by the studio to see what we have to offer. We’d be happy to show you around.

U-Snap Studios ~ your camera, our studios
395 Park Street, Regina, SK
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