The photo studio where YOU take the pictures!

Yeehaw ~ It’s a cowboy cake smash!


YOU pick the studio, YOU pick the props, YOU take the pictures. It’s easy and it’s fun, and every picture you take is yours to keep, copy, share or print in any way you choose.

Brittney was recently in the studio to celebrate her little cowboy’s first birthday with pictures and a cake smash. Easton was a little sweetheart from beginning to end and the studio was filled with laughter when he dove into his cake.

So many great pictures leave the studios in your cameras and we always enjoy it when our clients send us their favourite photos and let us see what they were up to in the studio. A big THANK YOU to Brittney for making our day by sharing some of her pictures with us and letting us share them here.

Cake smashes are one of many celebrations you can host at U-Snap Studios. Call us at 306.352.7627 for more information on hosting your staff party, shower, or other life event with us at the studio. You can also drop by and see us at 395 Park Street in Regina and we would be happy to show you around.

30 minutes in the studio of your choice is just $50 (plus tax).

BH 2016 June 2 01 A

BH 2016 June 2 02 B

BH 2016 June 2 03 B

BH 2016 June 2 04 B

BH 2016 June 2 05

BH 2016 June 2 06

BH 2016 June 2 07

BH 2016 June 2 08