The photo studio where YOU take the pictures!

YOU picked the studios, YOU picked the props, and YOU took thousands of pictures over the last month


Thank you to everyone who has come through our doors to take their own festive, family, and pet photos. We’ve had a fantastic time meeting people and pets of all ages in the studio. We commend you on your creativity and your unabashed willingness to wear onesies; and we have enjoyed hearing the many giggles and outright laughter that filled the studio over the past couple of months.

The holiday season is winding down, but we will have our winter and Christmas decorations nearby anytime you want to pop into the studio to take some photos.

Thank you to everyone who shared their pictures with us. So many creative things take place in our studio and they leave with you in your cameras. We really appreciate it when you share your pictures with us so we can see your finished products.

Here are a few of many pictures that have recently been sent our way. Thank you to Jenna, Rulene, Nicole and Cheri for sharing some of their photos with us and allowing us to share them with you.

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JL DSC_5391 CR1000

JL DSC_5439 CR1000

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NH2015 02C

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RG2015 05 CR 700